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Check out ‘Why Not Me?‘, Tanner’s first original song/music video and Buy ‘Why Not Me?‘ with the button below.

Here is a sample of it:


Check out ‘Play It Everyday‘, Tanner’s second original song/music video and buy ‘Play It Everyday‘ with the button below.

Here is a sample clip of it

'Memories of You' is OUT now. Check out ITunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and even here to get it!


Check out this sneak peak of ‘Memories of You‘, Tanner’s third original song and buy it when it comes out on September 10th in all media formats.

Hi! My name is Tanner Massey, I’m 12 years old and just over a year ago my parents discovered I could sing. Since then I have performed in various talent shows, Opry houses and other venues that allowed me to sing on stage for an audience to showcase my talent.

Thanks for stopping by! Please check out my videos, find out where I am singing next and the store to purchase signed pictures and hopefully soon my new original music!

Follow me on twitter @musicbytanner where I have weekly periscopes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:45 central time, talking of what I’ve done for the week and singing a few songs. Also, check me out on Facebook. I love my online friends and hope to see you there!

Watch my latest music video to my first original song 'Why Not Me?' HERE!